My next book, Kenya Calling hasn’t released yet and I haven’t yet set up the preorder (I want to make sure it’s perfect first). If you’re on my mailing list, please watch out for an email announcing the new release or follow me on Facebook for the latest exciting news.

The new Shifter Hunters Ltd. series is a trilogy about a shifter hunter, Ryenne Cavanagh, in a male-dominated field and in a world where most shifters follow the rules and live in harmony with humans. But some shifters, called rogues, don’t follow the rules. They want power and they want to be in charge, so humans hire shifter hunters for protection.

Kenya Calling

Would you risk your life—and heart—for a village of strangers?

Ryenne Cavanagh is a kick-ass shifter hunter in a world where most shifters are law-abiding, but rogues like to make trouble. Successful in a male-dominated field, Ryenne doesn’t take shit from anyone. Especially not from shifters.

When a rich Kenyan businessman hires Ryenne to protect him and his entire village from a rogue leopard shifter, she soon finds herself the target of the most cunning rogue she’s ever faced. Worse still, her new client forces her into competition against a sexy French shifter hunter with a dangerous secret. She needs to solve the case first or lose her fee. Despite their rivalry, the French hottie is breaking down the protective walls built around her heart since she lost her brother and father.

Will she uncover the identity of the rogue first or lose her heart along with her fee? More importantly, will she bring the rogue to justice before she becomes his next victim?

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Wolves of Paris

Ryenne’s vacation in Paris turns into a nightmare when rogue shifters target Lucien’s family business.

Lord of New York

Ryenne decides that Mr. Lord has pulled the strings long enough and will find him and neutralize him before she loses everything she cares about.