My next book, Kenya Calling hasn’t released yet and I haven’t yet set up the preorder (I want to make sure it’s perfect first). If you’re on my mailing list, please watch out for an email announcing the new release or follow me on Facebook for the latest exciting news.

The new Shifter Hunters Ltd series is about a shifter hunter, Ryenne Cavanagh, in a male-dominated field and in a world where most shifters follow the rules and live in harmony with humans. But some shifters, rogues, don’t follow the rules, so humans hire shifter hunters for protection. Rogues want power and they want to be in charge.

In Kenya Calling, Ryenne will be pitted against a sexy French shifter hunter to find the rogue terrorizing a Kenyan businessman and the inhabitants of his village.  Everyone is hiding secrets, including Ryenne. Find out if she’ll solve the mystery before Lucien or if she’ll lose her life to a rogue leopard shifter unlike any other she’s ever encountered.