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Release Day for Wolves of Paris!

Wolves of Paris cover

Ryenne and Lucien’s story continues

Wolves of Paris, Book 2 in the Shifter Hunters Ltd., trilogy has released!

She’s in denial. He’s fighting to save his family’s business. Her fears might cost them their lives.

Ryenne is now in Paris with Lucien and his family, but the Fangs just won’t leave them alone. Guess there’s no such thing as a vacation for a shifter hunter.

Don’t miss out on the steamy and action-packed continuation of Ryenne’s adventure. Click here and grab your copy today!

Kenya Calling on sale


In honor of the release of Wolves of Paris, the first book in the series, Kenya Calling, is on sale for only 99 cents! This week only, so grab your copy while it’s cheap!

Kenya Calling cover

Feverish February

After you buy Kenya CallingWolves of Paris, you might like to check out the free books in the Feverish February promo during February 8-21. Warm up your February with some hot books!

A Terrible Magic

A Terrible Magic: a Paranormal Romance by Monica Corwin releases on February 13th.

Magic is pain.

Ten years ago, one of the most powerful magical families was taken and harvested by The Organization. Madison Berrinson escaped but not before they could bind her magic for their use.

If magic is pain, then Maddie’s agony is strong enough to level a country. Her only choice is whether or not to spend the rest of her life fighting, or hiding in misery.

A Terrible Magic cover

Polar Enemies

Polar Enemies: A Bear Shifter Dark Unicorn Paranormal Romance by Emma Alisyn

A powerful, winter Queen. The warrior who would claim her for his mate. A deadly secret keeping them apart.

Alpha bear shifter Theon went mad with grief and murdered his mate. Only she didn’t die, and the dark unicorn sorceress Elsaday has finally returned. Will she wreak vengeance on his clan down to the last cub, or will the Solstice moon bring peace and healing?

Polar Enemies cover

Cover reveal: Wolves of Paris

Hello from still-freezing Upstate New York!

I’m so happy to finally share the beautiful cover of Wolves of Paris, the 2nd book in the Shifter Hunters Ltd. trilogy. You can preorder Wolves of Paris now on Amazon – it will release on February 12th.

She’s in denial. He’s fighting to save his family’s business. Her fears might cost them their lives.

Ryenne Cavanagh is still a fierce shifter hunter proving herself in a man’s world. But, for the first time in her life, she has doubts about her future. After the events in Kenya, Ryenne and Lucien are moving forward as a couple, but Ryenne has always been a lone wolf. She doesn’t know how to let someone into her life.

In Paris, Ryenne tries to enjoy coffee near the Eiffel Tower and runs in the Bois de Boulogne with Lucien. But as long as there are rogues in the world, there is no such thing as a break for a shifter hunter. A stabbing in a nightclub and a mysterious string of armed robberies tied to the Fangs challenge Ryenne to face her feelings for Lucien.

Ryenne fears she’s the reason the Fangs have put Lucien and his family in their sights. Now, she’ll do anything to protect the people she cares about. As attacks pile up, Ryenne must find a way to save Lucien’s family from the Fangs and, if she can’t admit her true feelings for the wolf shifter who stole her heart, Ryenne might lose Lucien forever.

Don’t miss out on the steamy continuation of Ryenne’s adventure.

I loved setting a book in Paris, my second home! Lucien’s house is in the 16th arrondissement, in the west of Paris, where I spent a year during college. The family I lived with that year lived in the 16th. One of my favorite places is the Trocadero and its view of the Eiffel Tower above the fountains – the setting for the cafe in the first scene of Wolves of Paris.

I can’t wait to share it with you on February 12th!

Other Paranormal Romance books

While you’re waiting (breathlessly, I’m sure) for the release of Wolves of Paris, check out these other Paranormal Romances:

Dangerous Mate coverDangerous Mates by Cecilia Lane
Step into the world of Shifting Destinies, where the men and women you meet might just be a little more than human. Their towns are protected by magic, and their hearts are open and ready for love. But watch your step – more than darkness lurks in the shadows.
(The price goes up to 3.99 in February!)


TrapeBookFinal (1)

Trap by Scarlett Dawn
Secrets grow.
Secrets kill.
Noelle Harvey has a secret.

It’s not hers.
But the world will know it. Soon.


DPP box set cover

The Dark Pines Pride: The Complete Series by Liza Street
Three shifter siblings, four years on the run. It’s time to come home.
This boxed set includes all three Dark Pines books: Wild Homecoming, Wild Atonement, and Wild Reunion.

Release Day for Kenya Calling!

Happy Book Birthday to Kenya Calling!

Kenya Calling cover

This metaphor feels particularly apt since I spent the past 9 months (plus – just like pregnancy) working on Kenya Calling and the Shifter Hunters Ltd. trilogy and it’s been a labor of love. And just plain labor. lol

I’m so happy my readers will finally have the chance to read Kenya Calling – to meet Ryenne and Lucien and Gavin, and follow them on their journey of mystery, suspense, and love.

How did this book come about?

I wanted to write something a little different for me while still staying true to myself and my interests in Africa and France.  Kenya Calling is mostly set in Kenya (of course), and Book 2, Wolves of Paris, is set in Paris (of course). Book 3, Lord of New York, gives a nod to my roots because it’s set in New York City and I grew up outside New York City.

While I’ve really enjoyed writing Ryenne and her relationship with Lucien (he’s one of my swooniest heroes yet), Gavin stole my heart.  He was just so much fun to write! If enough readers are interested, I’ll consider writing Gavin his own book or trilogy. But don’t worry, he makes an appearance in all three books of the trilogy, plus in the prequel short story, Vegas Rogues.

Keep an eye out for the Wolves of Paris cover reveal. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Kenya Calling. You can buy it now on Amazon or read it for free through Kindle Unlimited.

Free Books

After you buy Kenya Calling, you might like some of the free books in the Touch of Magic promotion, running from January 15-21. Vegas Rogues is in it, in case you haven’t yet read the Shifter Hunters Ltd. prequel short story.

Kenya Calling Preorder!

Hello from freezing Upstate New York!

Kenya Calling (Book 1 of my new Shifter Hunters Ltd. trilogy) is finally available for preorder! Buy it now!

Tragedy made her a shifter hunter. He would die to protect his family’s secrets. When business brings them together in Africa, sparks and claws will fly. 

Kenya Calling cover

Kenya Calling Review Copies

Hello from chilly Upstate New York!

Kenya Calling (Book 1 of my new Shifter Hunters trilogy) will release in January and the Advanced Review Copies are ready to send out to some lucky reviewers. If you’re interested in receiving a review copy for free, please fill out this form.

Reminder: all of the Hotel Safari books are now available on iTunes, Kobo, and Nook, in addition to Amazon. Click here to see the latest available links.

Kenya Calling Excerpt

Hello from spooky Upstate New York!

In honor of having almost finished writing the Shifter Hunters Ltd. trilogy, I’m offering my readers access to the first two chapters of Book 1, Kenya Calling. Just click here to read the excerpt.

As of Friday, November 3rd, all of the Hotel Safari books will be available on iTunes, Kobo, and Nook, in addition to Amazon. Click here to see the latest available links.

Shifter Hunters Ltd. update

Hello from beautiful Upstate New York!

I’m working hard on the Shifter Hunters Ltd. series and plan to release book 1 in January. I’ll post another excerKenya Calling coverpt next month. In the meantime, I can tell you that in Book 1, you’ll meet Ryenne and Lucien and a different Kenyan setting than in the Hotel Safari series. Ryenne’s life will be in danger and there’s plenty of action and suspense.

In Book 2, Ryenne meets a French family of shifters and will help them save their shifter hunting business, at great risk to herself, of course!

In Book 3, Ryenne faces new struggles back home in New York City and must protect her mother from a danger that’s much closer to home than she expected.

On a personal note, I’ve got lots of French teaching going on this fall. And my boys have successfully transitioned to their new schools. High school has been a challenge, but my son has adjusted well.

Cover Reveal: Kenya Calling by Tori Knightwood

I’m excited to finally share the cover of the first book in my new series. Kenya Calling, Book 1 of Shifter Hunters Ltd., will release in January. For more information about the new trilogy and an excerpt, click here.

Now, enjoy the cover:

Kenya Calling cover

Let’s Talk About: America’s Next Reality Star

Tori watches plenty of guilty pleasure TV. How about you?

The idea of a romance set on a reality TV show made me really excited to meet the author, Laura Heffernan, at an event at my local indie bookstore in May. Laura is awesome. Super intelligent with a dry sense of humor.

After a cool evening with her, I had to read her book. After reading the book, I never want to be on a reality show. Don’t get me wrong! The book is great. It offered such a comprehensive look behind the scenes, that I’m convinced no typical introvert author would ever put themselves through what Jen put herself through in America’s Next Reality Star. But it sure was fun to read about.

laura heffernan reality star

The ebook is currently on sale for 99 cents and Book 2, Sweet Reality, will release in September (and can be preordered now).


Let’s Talk About: Jilting the Duke

Tori has a confession to make.

I love reading Historical Romance.

Even though I have little interest in writing it, I do love a good historical romance. My TBR and already-read lists are filled with Courtney Milan, Elizabeth Hoyt, Theresa Romain, Hannah Howell, and now, Rachael Miles.

I was first introduced to Jilting the Duke when the author, Rachael Miles, and I did a romance author event together at my local indie bookstore. Rachael is lovely in person and I devoured the book description, so I just had to read it.

It doesn’t disappoint. Steamy without being explicit, plenty of suspense, and a tiny hint of paranormal. The story sucked me in from the beginning.

Jilting the Duke cover

Jilting the Duke is the first book in the Muses’ Salon series. I look forward to getting on to the next one.


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